Empower for Success
The Power of Self-Esteem
A transformational 2-day course taught in a small group in a rural setting just outside Guildford.
Next course is on 16 and 17 April 2020.
This is THE course for professional men and women who despite their success are lacking solid confidence deep inside. You have the sense you have to
 prove something. You're holding yourself back in some way, from living the career & life you really want. 
Deep down you don't feel 100% confident.
Step free of your self-doubt.
Stop striving and proving.
Stop procrastinating and move forward.
Unlock your potential.
Create a career and life (YOUR career and life) with more balance, fulfillment, happiness and joy.
Jo Maughan is a leading career & leadership coach, speaker, author and artist.

She is the Founder of 
Your Thinking Partner and
 Creator of the 7-step system
 'Rethink Your Life'. 

A 2 day transformational training course that will enhance your ability to manage and step free of your 'critical inner voice' to enjoy more fulfillment, balance, purpose, happiness and joy in your career & life, your relationships; in fact, in all areas of your life - the areas that are most important to you.
Here's what Linda, Founder of Stampaholics says about the Course: 
Here's what Boo says: 

The next course is on 16 and 17 April 2020.

  • ​You're at a career or life crossroads - perhaps it's redundancy, a health scare, the death of someone close to you, bullying at work or a difficult relationship. You are ready to make a change and yet you feel trapped. There are too many choices and obligations. You're scared of getting it wrong. You want to set yourself free, to take your next step confidently. 

  • ​You have the sense you're holding yourself back. If you could only have more confidence in yourself you'd be able to unlock your potential to achieve that promotion, move jobs, start your own business, get out of that relationship that's not working...

  • ​You know there's MORE to you and MORE to life than hard work and commitments but you can't seem to get off the hamster wheel. You want to be shown how to stop driving yourself so hard before you burnout so you can live happier and have better work/ life balance.
  • ​You're stuck. You've been re-assessing your career & life for what seems like ages now, and you think you know what you want but you keep procrastinating. You want to get unstuck so you can move forward to create the life of your dreams. 

  • ​You feel confident when you're on your own but things keep happening that throw you off balance. You want to learn how to become more resilient so you feel 'grounded' and confident in yourself regardless of what's happening around you.    
Your Course Leader, Jo Maughan, speaks from her heart...
Here's what participants say about the course:
Ode to Jo - Life Before and After

I looked in the mirror every day;
I looked and saw only pieces of me.
I focussed on my hair. Smoothed it
into its slot and on my skin
used brushes and sponges
to conceal dark spots. Red powder
to mimic the hint of a crush;
Earth tones to carve out a chiselled husk;
Pencil to draw-out the bright in my eyes.
All this to hide the 'shadow self' that sang true lies -
for hours of preening would not undo
the Power that I held, I'd passed to you.
Wrapped it and tied it with a silver bow;
All in the hope that it would come back tenfold.

Today I look in the mirror and see the whole me.
I do not see an image trying to flee
the tirade of roles that had me
I no longer live to be wife, daughter, mother - nor
the good girl tasked to solve all bother.
I breathe in deeply and let it escape -
A life time of entitlement, passion, hate.
And what remains is more than just an essence of me
It's an anchor, a cross, my heart guiding me earnestly.
Natalie, Senior Internal Audit & Risk Manager
About the difference the course has made:

"Before I did the course, I would not have been able to share this unfinished poem. I would not have had the courage to share it with Jo let alone anyone else. To admit weakness and that life was less than perfect or that I was not in control would have been a fate worse than death. To open my-self up to unnecessary criticism along with an inability to control how it is perceived would be an unnecessary risk. 

Since doing the course, everyday I am able to put my fears in to perspective; I have re-embraced my life long love of learning. I have learned to accept that all that came before made me the person who I am today but does not define who I am tomorrow. I am not perfect and while this course has changed my perspective and life in many ways - I know I will always be on a journey of self discovery and on this journey I will make mistakes and sometimes it may be deemed a failure. But I am more than okay with that as I now understand I am learning.

Without this course, and without Jo's example, I would be going through life still in fear of screwing up and in the process dimming my own light. In essence, as Jo once kindly shared with me:
"As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others." - Marianne Williamson. 

Thanks Jo for helping me move forward and allowing myself to shine brightly again".
Natalie, Senior Internal Audit & Risk Manager
"This course is one of the most powerful courses I've ever done. What sets it apart from others is that rather than talking about what you should do to change, the course teaches simple and practical tools which enable you to change. You practice the tools during the course, and then use them in your daily life".
Natasha, Financial Advisor

"The course was fantastic - thank you all so much! The two days have been positively challenging, invigorating and inspirational".

Ann, University Lecturer
"The course helped me see thoughts going on in my mind that I was completely unaware of. Thoughts that were really affecting my well being. In addition, I got a tool to deal with these very painful thoughts. I felt very safe during the course and was able to open up". 
Andrew, Financier
"I have found this course very useful and coming into my life at the right time for the information to really 'land' and be deeply meaningful. Thank you"

Sofie, Senior Project Manager
The Course Package includes these amazing bonuses:
Bonus #1
Thought provoking audio material to further your learning & help you practice the course tools.
Value £48
Bonus #2
1-1, 2 hour coaching session with Jo to support you to embed your learnings from the course. 
Value £895
You get a 100% money back guarantee with the Course Package.
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  • ​You don't want to challenge yourself to explore how you currently view yourself, others and life. 
  • ​You're not ready to change how you feel, or how you are in your life.
Jo Maughan teaches the course, The Power of Self-Esteem, under licence from More To Life, an educational foundation.  
Next course is on 16 and 17 April 2020.
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